Sangie gives her music a women theme

The unique approach to this male dominated industry has earned Sangie, the upcoming female artist, much respect among music lovers and critics alike. She has put out well thought out music in both audio and video forms that continue helping her hog the limelight.

It looks like all and sundry now want to associate with her to an extent that her face is beginning to be linked with everything good including brand ambassadorship for mobile giant Airtel and Korean phone company Itel.

But it looks like Sangie, the country’s reggae/dancehall revelation is not only breaking the glass ceiling in taking the male dominated genre by storm but she has also elected to continually play the women’s rights card.

Sangie’s first offer on the market was “I do it all for Love” which was an anathema to women rights somehow as it is basically a love song about a woman so in love with her boyfriend such that she is not willing to dump him even when she acknowledges that her man is cheating on her.

It is however her subsequent offerings that are beginning to shape the face of the artist as a champion of women rights.

In her song “Ngwazi ya chikazi” which features well-loved poet Robert Chiwamba, Sangie sings her heart out about equality between men and women. She presents her lyrics that talk of women’s capability to do any job so long as they put their minds to it since they are no different from men. She demands equal opportunities.

Long before this track she released another song “Ndangozizidwa” which tackles property grabbing and domestic violence against women in the event of death of a spouse. The song resonates well with many Malawian women who either have experienced the malpractice first hand or have witnessed it happen to other women.

And lately the young artist has released another song titled “Mkazi wa Ngwiro” in which she is celebrating the strength of the women. Sangie highlights the many sacrifices that women do make for the sake of their families. And her video which features prominent women in our society like Jessie Kabwila, Patricia Kaliati and Scader Luis is doing justice to her campaign.

Lyrical pen finds this approach not only creative but important in a society where male dominance is taken as a normalcy. It makes beautiful poetry to see a lady who herself is breaking barriers in the music industry dominated by men also singing about women empowerment.

Sangie follows the footsteps of her iconic Jamaican reggae star Queen Ifrica who has also tackled the issue of female abuse by males head on.

Going by how Sangie has popped singles it is clear it’s high time we tasted a fully fledged album that has to test the market. At the moment these singles that are becoming too frequent that some of us cannot keep up with the speed only means that Sangie is an artist who has come of age. She therefore needs to have her music packaged and set for market and with her obvious female rights theme she can easily find support from likeminded institutions.


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