Luciano Conquers Malawi as he performs over 2hrs non-stop

Jamaican International Reggae Superstar Luciano whose distinguished performance from the late hours of March 28 to the wee hours of March 29, at times, left all the patrons transfixed agape at the finery at which he executed and showed all that came why he has made his name an international household.

Born 20 October 1964, as Jepther McClymont, despite his age Luciano also executed two of his signature summersaults amidst performance that went with his unbelievable thrilling voice.

With such a scintillating performance mesmerised fans were spell bound that they didn’t realise where the tracks were coming from but it was clear it was within his albums that include Moving Up, One Way Ticket, After All, Where There Is Life, (1995) Messenger, (1997) Sweep Over My Soul, (1999), A New Day, (2001), Great Controversy, (2001), Serve Jah, (2003), Visions, Serious Times, Jah Words, Child of a King, God Is Greater than Man, Jah Is My Navigator, United States of Africa, Write My Name, Rub-A-Dub Market, The Qabalah Man  and the latest Deliverance.

The South African backing queens

Nomawethu and Mpumi backed Luciano with glamour

The line up included more local acts including Sally Nyundo, Soul Raiders, Skeffa Chimoto, Lucius Banda and many more but the Malawian South African based reggae star Born African, real name Nelson Shaba showed why he has come of age.

This was perhaps the only reggae musical show after the 1987 Reggae Unite for Africa where various Jamaican artists converged and performed at Kamuzu Stadium, where the musical instruments were emitting crystal Clear sound.

The Fans

The Fans got what they never anticipated

During performance Luciano acknowledge the same and doffed his hat to sound Engineer, fellow compatriot Jonny B who also came during the Fanton Mojah show at Lilongwe Golf Club a few months ago.

Stepping Unto the stage

Luciano doing what he knows best

Bucandy Playing first keyboards set, Ricky second keyboards set, Trust playing lead guitar, bassist Angelo, Lumanyo on drums as well as the two ladies, Nomawethu and Mpumi, the backing vocalists, completed the ‘All Nations Band’ which Luciano also praised highly.

The performance that Luciano staged, he said was to prove to all and sundry that he has deep love for Malawi and Africa, stating that he had health complications that failed his planned visit last year and it was not because of Ebola.

Into the wee hours

Jah Messenger never showed fatigue

Drenched in sweat after a scintillating performance

Drenched in sweat but never relented

In the midst of things

Sweep over my Soul: Sings Luciano

Earlier in an interview at his Capital Hotel Luciano said he feared nothing. He said his coming to Africa as well as Malawi is an indication that his is back home amongst ‘relatives’.

“If you must know, I have a house in Gambia and I visit Africa without thinking twice because this is my home,” he said.

Born African introducing Luciano

Born African hands the mic to the master

Born African

Born African showed that he is in the class of the legends

Born African at his usual best

Born African: In the midst of the reggae business

The artiste popularly known as the Jah Messenger who was awarded the Order of Distinction in the rank of Officer on 15 October 2007, in recognition of his contribution to reggae music, said he spreads positive messages.

He opened the proceedings with ‘No Night in Zion’ and shouted ‘Mulibwanji’ to the cheering of the fans and he kept saying ‘Zikomo’.

After this track he made intros of some other famous tunes like ‘Sweep over my soul’, Ulterior Motive, and ‘Give Praise to Rastafarie’.

Later in the show he performed a segment which he called Rub-a-dub segment which he said was in honour of another fallen reggae legend the late Denis Emmanuel Brown.

Fans and workers at the Kamuzu International Airport and the Capital Hotel where he was putting up at said they were surprised with his humility.

“We have hosted many famous artists but never have we met someone who talks and bows down to each and everyone,” said a front desk officer at the hotel.

Upon inviting him to a press briefing in the lounge of the hotel, close by was sitting an old man, Luciano went there to seek permission if it was okay to have an interview close by, and the old citizen could not understand such honour.


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