Luciano calls for Visa exemption

The Jamaican music maestro Luciano who performed in the country over the weekend has called for the abolition of a visa requirement for Jamaican nationals that are visisting African countries.

Times Gregory Gondwe interviewing the messenger before the show
Malawian journalist and blogger Gregory Gondwe talking to Luciano at Sunbird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe where he was the guest

He said this in an exclusive interview with The Daily Times before the show in Lilongwe.

When asked what his impression with Malawi was he said:

“One little concern I have is with the visa. I never expected that Jamaicans would have to pay for a visa to come into an African country. Jamaica is one of the commonwealth countries of the Caribbean so it should really be exempted from this kind of legislative bombardment.”

Grega I & Messenger
Rastafarian Greetings with Gregory Gondwe

Otherwise he said the reception from the Nyabinghi was great as it uplifted his spirits. He said this proves that the Rastafarian spirit is strong in Malawi.

“This was my first impression. And as they say first impression lasts forever,” he said.

Over the years, Luciano says he takes his musical career as a mission that has become a ministry which has grown.

Upon Arrival at the Airport on Friday
Greeting fans after touchdown at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe

He says he knows a lot of people listening to his works over the years are being able to appreciate consistent with inspiration and message in his music.

“I believe that music is a gift from God and the more you use it to the Honour and Glory of him then he will multiply your blessings,” he said.


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