Where are the Music Malawi Awards?

In January 2014, the Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) inaugurated what it called the Music Association of Malawi Music Awards (MAMMA); the awards have since changed and rebranded to Annual Music Malawi (MUMA) Awards to reflect the overall mission and vision of the Awards.

By August 2014 organisers of the awards, the MediaCorp Limited and Trocadero Consulting who were doing so in partnership with MUM had already started calling for nominations of the best artists/groups/songs for this Edition of the awards to be presented in the Month of January 2015.

The way I read my calendar, it looks like today is January 24th. I am sure if I have not heard of the date the presentation is going to take place, it is because the organizers have not announced it yet.

While this can be changed as per the dictates of the circumstances I cannot help it but to consider the fact that it was rebranded and with it came a new format in the selection, nomination and voting of the best act.

One other act done for this year’s awards was the involvement of media houses that’s both print and electronic, selected clubs, music outlets and media practitioners to nominate the best act for the 2013/2014 season in each of the 13 categories.

Each participant was invited to select a maximum of ten acts in each category and thereafter a panel of judges will scrutinize the given lists to come up with 5 (five) in each category. These 5 (five) will then be put to a public voting.

The initial arrangement was that at least by Wednesday October 15, 2014 nominations would have been received.

Those that delayed to submit their completed nomination forms, where given an extension to do so by Wednesday December 10, 2014 meaning by now everything is set and the winners are now in the bag just waiting to be unveiled.

Soon after the inaugural awards everyone who matters tried to give the awards its Good, Bad and Ugly side.

I had my own misgivings as well and fought the temptation to point out at some glaring anomalies including failure to create categories with nominees that were mismatching.

Last awards were scandalous because even the MUM Chairperson Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango also got himself an award and so was the then Deputy Chairperson of MAM Women Desk Favoured Martha.

The demand I made last year was for the two to surrender back the awards because they did not deserve them, which was never the case.

Now this time round I am looking forward to an improved organisation in the awards giving process having learnt many lessons with the last year’s charade.

I expect the nominees to be in their deserving categories and please no executive member of MUM should walk away with any award again this time round. It is immoral to do so therefore take heed.

With all the time the organisers had in the world since August last year I should have been seeing posters, stickers, flyers and what have you informing us of the day the event is going to take place.

The inaugural event took place in January and it would have been befitting had the same also taken place this same month as the organisers told us last year.

Is it still on or?


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