Inviting Davido to plant trees

Nigerian David Adedeji Adeleke whose stage name is Davido got his fame
through music. Last week he was in the country where he was paraded
around like a doll to pose with fans and plant trees here and there.

Davido who is a recording artist, performer and record producer was in
the country for three days courtesy of M-Cinema and the Go Green

Mainly he was invited to be a red carpet guest at a special screening
of new Nollywood film Spirits of the Assassin.

He also planted trees around.

Not surprising, he ended up posting a picture of himself in bed at
Capital Hotel expressing his feelings at that particular time which
was that he was bored.

Now everyone wanted his head, the patriotic and the not so patriotic
Malawians thought he had insulted them because all it meant was that
he was saying that Malawi is a boring country.

But wait a minute, what do you expect when you invite a musician from
a foreign country into yours in order to be planting trees and posing
with fans?

Why didn’t the organisers invite him to perform as a musician? This
guy sings on stage and not planting trees around.

And talk of our organisers; what is the meaning of inviting a star
like Davido, book him at Capital Hotel when you do not have what it
takes to host anyone at a facility like Capital Hotel.

Now that the failure by the organisers to honour their contract with
the hotel only ended up helping the spilt over when it exorcised the
violent demons in Davido, where he roughed up a few, broke to pieces
anything fragile article standing on his way before speeding off to
the airport.

There was commotion at Capital Hotel Davido fought his way out of the
hospitality facility in order to evade payment of a hotel bill of K1,

Police had to shoot in the air when the American-born Nigerian and his
team tried to drive off in a car prompting the driver to stop when the
gun was pointed at him.

What was the agreement and why should we be inviting musicians to do
the opposite of their calling.

We know Davido as some guy who sings. And now with all his talking and
perhaps taking one too many, he kind of lost his voice and added to
difficulties for anyone within his earshot to grasp what was coming
out of his mouth compounded by his thick Nigerian accent.

There was nothing that one could get from him which is a clear show
that his voice is wasting away because he is not using his system for
music alone.

The other thing is that it is very apparent that fame has got the
better of this young Davido guy. Talk of youthful exuberance but this
is something that cannot excuse him to live undignified life as he

Does it say anything about failure to manage fame? Does it tell us
anything about our own artist as well? Is humility that expensive that
most of these young artists cannot afford it?

What reputation does this leave us with when it comes to organising
and hosting foreign artists? Are we being able to attract the best
quality to come here and perform and not do stuff that is not part of
what made them?


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