Limbani Banda’s cartoonish ploy

I wish you, my readers, a belated ‘Merry Christmas’ and perhaps it is an opportunity to wish you a continued mortal coil in 2013.

Ordinarily, on a day like this I should have been talking about the past year but then something I think I should have talked about some years ago just came up and I dropped all what I was doing and decided I need to talk about this before it gets out of hand, if it has not already.

Limbani Banda, him who hogged the lime light some years ago when he declared that in Malawi all we have is trash but it is only him who plays really music, is trying to mock the local music industry.

Not that I want to discuss my take over this ‘trash’ matter today; nope! But I just discovered that the pity acts of Limbani Banda are bringing humiliation to the Malawi music.

To start with, no one has told Limbani the fact that he needed to polish up his acts as a musician many years ago. To say the least, his vocals are a typical example of mediocrity. Either he is not talented enough or he needs to master the air-control through his vocal cord when singing.

Some of his tracks are a clear indication of disjointed notes that clearly shows that he is struggling to sing. It is only laughable that he removed his music from the trash bin where he dumped all Malawi music.

Now I have just realised that he is acknowledging that all the efforts he is putting in his musical machinations are but below par that he has not even made a mark anywhere and now he needs to change his name.

There was a time when Jamaican artists used to Frequent 101 FM and one of them Shalom once hooked up with Limbani and did a collaboration. But even with such quality, Limbani has not wondered why even the light failed to show in the darkness? I think as critics we have not loved Limbani. But I have to confess that in my case I was not taking him seriously like I never did with Joe Gwaladi until I was compelled to start talking about him when I saw the following that the street artiste commands.

Now why today I have decided to talk about Limbani is that his cartoonish musical display seems to be going on unabated.

I know in most of his songs, Limbani, has terribly tried to be legendary Peter Tosh’s copycat. Now he says he wants to change his name to Lambani Dube because he is now eying the international market. My foot!

If you ask me, Limbani, has come to the limelight more because he has been able to find himself in the newspapers where he could ridicule the efforts by his local music colleagues. But if you ask Malawians if they are aware that this Zomba based dreadlocked man has eight albums to his credit and about to issue ‘African Revolution’, no one will believe you.

‘Chisoni nkumatenda’ is one track people know because it got enough publicity at the time and it is a common adage that is thrown about in our everyday communication.

The man says Limbani Banda is associated with politics and this cannot augur well with his desired success.

Let me simplify what he has done for you readers to understand how cheap this is; you all know the Flames midfielder workhorse Dave Banda. Do you really believe his skills have dwindled because he is a Banda?

Lucky Dube, as Limbani himself acknowledges, was Peter Tosh’s idol and never in his musical career did he change name to become Lucky Tosh or anything. He started his career as Lucky Dube and on his own terms he stormed the world stage with this name intact, without even looking over his shoulders.

If Limbani Banda was worth his salt as he says, by now he should have left his music production do the talking for him. Over the years he and his music have not made any mark.

He started some years back than artists like Skeffa Chimoto or Katelele Ching’oma for example, but if today all these artists were to organise individual musical shows in Zomba on the same day and time but at different venues, believe you me, he won’t have any patrons.

It’s time Limbani did some soul searching to establish where it is that he can do better. I have started giving him free consultancy; he needs to re-look his vocal output among other things.

Changing names is only perpetuating the cartoonish career that he has had over the years; it’s time to get serious Limbani Banda. Because even if you are going to change to become Peter Tosh II but still keep on churning the stuff you pack in musical albums, believe you me it will be another wasted opportunity for you, and you will keep on wasting our time. Not now please, you have already wasted a lot of our time over the years.  




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