Kalindekafe Mining PS

By Gregory Gondwe
Government has appointed Dr. Leonard Kalindekafe as the Principal Secretary in the newly established ministry of mining who until his appointment was Director, of Geological Survey Department.

Mining Minister John Bande told The Daily Times yesterday that with the appointment of Kalindekafe, what is now remaining is putting up a corporate office and other departments that should be added to the already existing ones like the geological survey.  
Kalindekafe holds a PhD, from the University of Dundee, UK. And he is a Geologist with field experience in many African countries as well as Canada, Saudi Arabia and Oman.
He is the current Chairman of the UN-Founded Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF).
Kalindekafe is also a fellow of Geological Society of London and his major expertise is in mineral exploration, geological mapping, geochemistry, seismology, oil and gas exploration, mining law and policy.

About Gregory Gondwe - Malawi Best Blogger 2014

Gregory Gondwe is a Malawian journalist who started practising journalism in 1993. Until March 31, 2012 he was regional editor and bureau chief for Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS). Gregory is also a media consultant assisting several international journalists pursuing assignments in Malawi. He holds a Diploma of Journalism and an Intermediate Certificate in Journalism among other media-related certificates. He is also columnist for Malawi's first and oldest weekly, Malawi News. He can be contacted on gregorygondwe@gmail.com.
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