Khonzie Masimbe’s 6 Questions

I must confess, until Monday May 14, 2012, I had not heard that in Malawi we had a musician from Chileka – I guess related to the Fumulani’s – by the name, Khonzie Masimbe.

By a streak of luck for me or a strike of misfortune for Khonzie, I first saw him and for the first time, when he curtain-raised a Black Missionaries show at Afro Motel in Blantyre on the mentioned day.

I remember to have indicated on these pages that I cherished the opportunity to sample performances from Khonzie Masimbe and there was also Toza Matafale I was seeing for the first time on the day.

My observation at the time was that “Masimbe is good and has only ‘he’ to blame if he will not make it big.”

I thought I had seen the last of Masimbe but I had another thing coming.

I went into a barber shop in one of the townships in Blantyre to shave and trim and there was a television screen at the corner which was showing pirated Malawian music videos from a VCD player.

While waiting for my turn, I had no interest in what was being played and started checking emails on my phone when an inviting reggae track opening, caught my attention.

When I looked up on the screen I ended up into a video track which wass showing Khonzie and a woman holding hands walking in the street.

A girl by the name of Beatrice Katema opens the vocals of the track with a declaration: “Ndimakukonda” [I Love you] and instantly Masimbe answers with a need for real assurance: “Tanenadi Chilungamo” [Please say the truth].

Then after some captivating instrumentations he starts:

“Inde ndikufunsa mobweleza-bweleza; chilungamo ndi chofunika, ukapanda kundiyankha bwino, ndizakusiya wekha m’mawa” [I will ask repeatedly; truth is of essence, if you fail to give me a candid answer – I will leave you in future].

“Undiyankhe momveka bwino; usawonjezelenso bodza, ukanama bwenzi Langa iwe uzavutika Wekha m’mawa” [Give me a plausible answer; don’t sprinkle it with lies, if you lie you will suffer the consequence tomorrow].

Mvera (Listen):

“Iwe kodi uli ndi mwana kapena ayi? Undiyankhedi Chilungamo”[Do you have a child or not? Tell me the truth]
Ngati unakwatiwapo undiululire, ndisanzamvere anthu ena… [Have you ever been married? Tell me, I don’t want to learn it from other people]
Nanga makolo ako amati chani akawuwona umphawi wanga [What do your parents say about my poverty stricken state?]
Wakonzeka kusiyana nawo makolo ako, ndikutengele ku Chileka [Are you ready to leave your parents’ home and allow me take you to Chileka?]
Kwanu ndi opemphera kapena ayi, Mulungu wanu ndi chumacho [Do your people believe in God or you worship your wealth?]
Kodi umandikonda ndi mtima onse kapena ndingobesa[Do you love me wholeheartedly or you’re just wasting my time?]

Mafunso anga dziwa ndi asanu – Ndi limodzi kwa iwe, [My questions to you are six] ndipo undiyankhe lero – Ndimakukonda [And please answer them today – I love you]

Mayankho ako akhale asanu – Ndi limodzi kwa ine, [Your answers have also to be six to me] ndipo undiyankhe lero – Umandikonda. [Answer me today – You love me]

Now the talented lady musician by the name of Beatrice Katema is unveiled in this track. I wonder why Malawi does not know about her. She showcases what a talent she is when she starts responding to the questions:

Ndikuyankha mobwereza bwereza; cholinga choti umvetsetse, ndikapanda kukuyankha bwino ndizavutika ndekha-ndekha. [I am answering repeatedly; so that you should understand; if I fail to give you a candid answer – I will suffer the consequence on my own].

Ndikunena mobwereza bwereza; chilungamo ndichofunika, ndikanama mwamunanga iwe uzandivuta ndi mafunso. [I am speaking repeatedly; truth is of essence; if I sprinkle my answers with lies, you will trouble me with questions].

Nsanje ine ndilibe pa moyo wanga undidalire nthawi zonse [I do not have a jealousy life, depend on me]
Kwathu samaunyoza umphawi wako, usamachite nawo mantha [My people do not despise your poverty-stricken status, don’t be afraid of them]
Ndakonzeka kusiyana nawo makolo anga, unditengele ku Chileka [I am ready to leave my parents, take me to Chileka]
Love ndizakupatsa usadele nkhawa ndikunenadi chilungamooo [I will give you love, don’t lose trust, I am saying the truth]
Kwathu timapemphera mwamuna wanga, Mwini moyo timamkweza [My people are religious my man, we extol the Creator of life]
Mwano ine ndilibe pa moyo wanga, kufatsaku ndichibadwa [I am not rude, I am submissive from birth].
Now I gave you the lyrics to try to offer you the beauty of the video track which is an epitome of creativity that we need in our music video productions.

The scenes of Chileka and the City where the woman has been hauled from and to are clearly depicted in the video track necessitating that there is need for music lovers to have and watch it.

I always talk ill of the lyrics and mediocre production of our music; do I need to keep quite in the face of quality work like the one Khonzie Masimbe has given us?



One thought on “Khonzie Masimbe’s 6 Questions

  1. Hi. This is a bit of a “long shot” — I am trying to find a copy of the CD called “Mururame” by the Masimbe Brothers (August 2012). Do you know if Khonze Masimbe is one of the Masimbe Brothers, and if so, do you by any chance know how I can contact him ? Thank you….


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