Standard Bank brings second phase of Mo Money promotion

…Customers to earn 10% interest above market rates

Lilongwe (Malawi)—Standard Bank Malawi is today pleased to announce the launch of a second phase of its Mo Money promotion. The new phase will run up to May 31.

Announcing the new phase, Standard Bank Head of Marketing Linda Kachingwe-Sisya said it is a continuation of the initial phase of the promotion and aims to give an opportunity to more customers to benefit from the 10 percent interest yield on offer.

The first phase of the promotion ran from March 7 to May 4, 2012.

“We would like to give an equal opportunity to other customers who were not part of the initial phase of the promotion. This promotion is one of the bank’s incentives to customers to help them save for a rainy day and build capital reserves of their own,” she said.

As with the first phase of the promotion, individual and business customers are required to open Fixed Deposit accounts to earn a hefty promotional interest rate of up to10%, which is about three times above the normal interest rate.

“At Standard Bank, we are passionate about creating wealth for our individual and business customers and that is why we are continuing with this promotion,” she said.

Kachingwe-Sisya said the promotion gives the bank’s customers an opportunity to treble their income and save money for forward investments.

The Mo Money promotion allows customers who opt for longer fixed deposit terms to continue enjoying the 10 percent interest offer until expiry of tenure. This is just one way that Standard bank is helping move its customers forward.


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