The Return of Charles Sinetre

Last time on these pages I screamed ‘Cry OurBeloved Alleluya Band’ basically I wanted to argue that our modern history ofdigital music, will not be better told from the beginning if it does not startfrom Alleluya Band.

I had indicated that no bands that used toplay before the multiparty dispensation could compare with Alleluya Band; suchbands were like the Likhubula Dance Band, which was backing Robert Fumulani,there were also Police Orchestra, the MBC Band and the Chichiri Queens anduncountable local artist.
There was also talent within the country butthere was no knowledge of how one could put his talent into musical productthrough a recording studio.
Bands used to go to one and only place wherethe Malawian music was played and therefore this is where they used to listento their music and for that reason, they knew that bands used to record therebecause there was nowhere else and this was at the Malawi BroadcastingCorporation MBC studios.
The music was also being recorded merely forMBC airplay because it was being stored on reels, which was something thatcould not be taken on the market for sale?
At least it was only the emergence on thescene of Alleluya Banda from Balaka, led by the agile guitarist hands of Sir.Paul Banda, that led people to realise several things about what can happenwith music.
Then there is the list of the country’s mostaccomplished artists, you mention artists like Charles Sinetre, Coss Chiwalo,Isaac Liwotcha, Rod Valamanja, Paul Subiri, che Kachingwe, and the list is justtoo long to fill the whole page with names.
I want us to talk more about the man whoonce used to call himself the music ambassador Charles Sinetre.
Then there was total dearth of music fromthe Music Ambassador, at one time he had gone to a University in Italy, then hewas Music Teacher and Trainer at Andiamo Youth Campusespecially at its Cecilia Youth Centre.
Then he wasExecutive Director of a Balaka based Nkhadze Alive Youth Organization (Nayorg),and an aspirant in parliamentary elections.
What wasdisheartening in all this was the lack of singing from him. Sinetre carvedhimself a name in the country and across the borders for his multitalentedmusic exploits.
Hespearheaded the growth of Alleluya Band and made it to still stand tall evenafter the departure of the Banda brothers.
Nonetheless,like most band members, he was also doing his solo musical journey and I don’tremember when I last heard or saw a latest album from Sinetre.
Now the singer-songwriter and activist Charles Sinetre isback with yet another album title ‘Malawi Googler’.
Don’t you waste time questioning the title, Sinetre is akind of musician who coins new things, themes, terms and even sound toowhenever producing his music. Rember ‘Chimanga Fisi Dollar’ the one hecollaborated with Foster Chimangafisi?
If you still have its sleeve, check the innovation that isthere to depict the dollar power.
He also has an explanation to his strange inventions, like thereason behind the title he says is to call upon all Malawians to explore theresources that the country can use to make it a country of a place of milk andhoney.
He says the main theme of the album is to call upon everyMalawian to believe that all other nations of the world have their type ofresources that make them independent when put them in optimum use. The music inthe album also teaches us that Malawi has the resources that very well utilizedwill change the nation.
The album is based on the internet engine search calledGoogle where anything that one searches, one gets. He thinks he is going toGoogle Malawi’s resource base, based on this album.
I am yet to listen to the 12 track album with two songs whichhe says ia a recap of his last works, ‘Kapena Tsiku lina’ and ‘Never throw a Stone’from ‘Timasilira’ album.
Sinetre knows that Timasirila is one of his best albums nowonder the return to the tracks in it.
Knowing what is pulling who on the market these days, he hasalso incorporated Dan Lufani in the new album, in tracks ‘Timadziwana’ and’Isugugu’.
Like a music teacher and musician developer, he has alsofeature little known young boy from Khoswe village, Balaka, like he did withthat little girl who should be woman now.
When he will be launching the album on October 29 at the RobinsPark eight years ago after realising his last solo album ‘Saulo’ what I will becherishing is not whatever message or kind of music is in the album, but thatat least he is back.
Sinetre is one of the modern musicpioneers; it was therefore disheartening that his musical career was on itsdeath bed when the man behind it was so active in other adventures. Welcomeback Mr. Ambassador, stay and teach the youth now, do not hibernate.

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