Nameless Sitting on a BOMB!

‘Nameless’ is something that, the Kenyan of the ‘Sinzia’ fame who has no name or our own three Urban Stars who are collectively known by it would not lay claim to, because there is no name.
The absence of name does not however, say there is also an absence of purpose, implication or reason.
Do you remember ‘K-Shii and Bobo’ and later ‘China’? These are the types of songs that are indicative that Nameless is amongst groups that have their signature on the biggest hip-hop tracks in the country.
Now, one of the Nameless trio, Chikondi Kangulu who trades as ‘Aimor’ is following the route that the Jamaican Joseph Hills took.
Remember, Culture started as Jamaican roots reggae group founded in 1976 known as the African Disciples.
The Culture trio composed Joseph Hill on lead vocals while Albert Walker and Kenneth Dayes were backing vocalists. Later in their careers, Joseph Hills went solo with albums like ‘Trust Me’, ‘One Stone’, and ‘Humble Africa’ where he still adopted the name Culture while doing it alone.
Aimor of Nameless has also finished work on his solo album ‘5 O Jaka’.
Let me stay longer on the title album first. Hip-Hop is one musical genre that either promotes or is the cradle of the new coined words that drive our communities.
No one can fight it because; it is only a vibrant community that would keep on coining new words. If our fore fathers who died in 1920s would resurrect today, they would have problems understanding anything from the youths they would meet in the streets on Blantyre.
Lately, music has been used as the vehicles to propel such new coined words. Like with this album ‘ku Jacka’ is a word used in the streets meaning, ‘to jack up’ another word that was coined in the streets of the US and reached Malawi through the American hip-hop music.
‘5 O Jacka’ therefore means ‘5 jacked up ones’ based on a Parable of the Ten Virgins, also known as the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins, a well known parable of Jesus according to Gospel of Matthew 25:1-13.
Five virgins prepared for the bridegroom’s arrival are rewarded and the five who are not prepared are excluded and the eschatological theme in that parable demonstrates to us all to be prepared for the Day of Judgment.
AIMOR with his album “5 O Jacka” is also bring a similar message, although under the name label NAMELESS as he says he is not ready to surprise those that follow his music under Nameless, with his showbiz name of Aimor but by and by he hopes to make it with the Aimor name.
The Nameless have two albums under their belt but listening to Aimor’s 12 tracks album I discovered that Aimor who has taken more than 12 months producing the album is sitting on a bomb.
The track number 02 in the album called “Mfunda Wako” which he did with Maskal is something that would explode in the faces of those that either passionately or disinterestedly follows Malawi’s Hip-hop urban music.
There are several big hits in the album and the most innovative step taken in the album is collaboration with several artists.
The title track ‘5 O Jacka’, Aimor has done it himself while its remix has been done with Renegade; then other one to watch is the track he has collaborated with Dan Lu “Nanga Ndi chani”.
But I can declare here without fear or favour that the track ‘Lokoma” which he did with Fugie Kasipa will be the biggest hit in the album. This one will make all those that are in for our urban music and those that would not miss Fugie Kasipa for anything in the world, to rush for. It is one track that cannot let you get tired on the dance floor.
Its rhyming lyrical content is something that would also push you to the edge. By our urban hip-hop standards this track is simply finicky even to the most fastidious ear.
Track number 10, ‘Friend’s Gal’ done with Genii Black, ‘Pressure’ done with Laurita is some love pieces that would rock lovers, big time. The same is the case with ‘Mbiri Yako’ featuring Laurita and Sonye.
Ceezy Raymo has not been left out as he is appearing in the track ‘Ma Gentleman’; but while this one has controversial message ‘Fre-Enemy’ which features little known ‘Sibweni’ with such Tumbuka words, more so because Aimor is now based in Mzuzu is one interesting track which is a fusion of Hip-hop and Ragga.
No wonder Aimor is bringing some self glorification in a rightly titled track, ‘Done it all’ where he says he feels like he has done it all. This clearly shows that Aimor is the one who used to bring controversy to Nameless productions that saw tracks like ‘China’ banned from some radio stations.
This album, ‘5 O Jacka’ another Slash Clip studio production is one album that has to be on the market soon, the longer Aimor sits on it the more time bombs in it will explode right on his lap.


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