Sean Kingston Coming!

Take it or leave it; love it or hate it; believe it or not, but the realities of it is that the life of 21-year-old Sean Kingston, born Kisean Jamal Anderson, has a life that is similar to that of some local artists.
One coming to mind decidedly is Njati Njedede who does not hide that he spent part of his life in the streets.
When you consider lives of Njati as well as Joe Gwaladi who at first as young boys were deep into begging for alms in the streets; if you were to meet them at that time; and if you were to list your guesses on all what they would become, being a musician would not have made the list.
Likewise, when you consider the life of Sean Kingston and meet him as an 11-year-old boy you would not have thought he would make a musical star of international repute.
Born on February 3, 1990 in Miami, Florida Sean Kingston moved to Kingston, Jamaica aged six where aged 11, he was hauled to jail for breaking and entering although he only spent 21 days.
And then Kingston’s mother and sister were incarcerated for identity theft and he had to live in a rundown stationary car as a house. Having a rough childhood, Sean Kingston poured out his heart in a track called “Dry Your Eyes” that tells how much he missed his mother and sister when they went to jail.
Sean Kingston himself attests to the same. He told “When my mother and sister went away, it took a lot out of me.”
“My sister went away for four months and my mom has been away for over a year. When she went away, I was like ‘nah man, this is too much.’ I was only 14. I missed her like crazy but I pulled through and used it as my motivation. “Dry Your Eyes” is a defining song on the album for me because it touches on something that’s very personal to me.
Given this kind of beginning, there is little good that one would think would be extracted from such a life.
Of course, the point of departure in comparisons between Njati Njedede and Sean Kingston would be that he attended high school which is exactly what Njati will also tell you, “I am the only educated minibus tout!” he would say.
But while Sean’s grandfather was a noted Jamaican reggae producer Lawrence Lindo, who worked under the stage name Jack Ruby, Njati will tell you nothing about his grandfather inter alia being into anything musical.
Njati will tell you of comedian cum flute player cum musician Kennedy Ndoya the late, popularly known as Madolo where he suckled his talent.
Sean Kingston had the beginner’s luck because when he was discovered through MySpace by Tommy Rotem at Beluga Heights and signed to the label in a partnership deal with Sony that was it.
He also became acquainted to his native music after Reggae legend Buju Banton befriended his family.
Unlike Njati who decided to become Njedede instead of our capital city Lilongwe, Sean being a Jamaican singer got his stage name “Kingston” from the capital of Jamaica – Kingston.
At the moment, for fear of spelling doom for the musical future this is where the comparisons stop.
And this is the reason why Sean Kingston should not fail to come to Malawi.
By sheer stroke of luck Sean Kingston recorded and released the single “Beautiful Girls” and that was way back in May 2007.
Disregard the fact that this song was based on the single bass line and lyrical “association” of the 1961 hit “Stand by me” by Ben E. King, but it registered his arrival.
Just with this song Sean Kingston managed to reach number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, topped the UK Singles Chart not to mention many other international charts.
When he released the album ‘Tomorrow’ in September 22, 2009 that involved big-name producers like former Fugee Wycliffe Jean then this helped him raise his s.
Despite rough childhood his choice on avoiding profanity for his lyrics has helped him achieve success that has seen him even nominated in Image Awards in 2008, for the Outstanding New Artist slot, scooping the MOBO Awards in 2007 for Best Reggae Acts and getting the Teen Choice Awards in 2007 for his track ” Beautiful Girls ” which occupied the Choice R&B Track slot.
Sean Kingston is scheduled to perform according to his official website at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe on 25th April, 2011.
Fresh are the memories when same pomp accompanied news that KC and Jojo as well as Jamaica-born dancehall icon Sean Paul were scheduled to stage concerts in the country.
Sean Kingston would be a great inspiration to the Malawi youth who are hopeless because of their history or the situation they are in. Given his story, Sean Kingston coming to Malawi would be to the benefit of such youth. Whoever will facilitate the failure of his turn up would therefore do a great disservice.


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