Re-living Evison Matafale Part III

In his ‘Time Mark’ he refers to the terrorists as a ‘Whip’ used by God to punish the world. And there is no way a whip can claim victory and overtake the authority of the one using it.
In part the ‘Time Mark’ goes; “It’s everybody’s concern, just by the name of building World Trade centre; more over who will tell me, which Nation on earth does not have its people in America.
Now hear Rasta word, despise it buy hey! Devine piece of advice, This mysterious fall was long dreamt already by King Nebuchadnezzar and I am Rasta Daniel, And I am only here to finish up the revelation, The World of Today, Made up of Iron and Clay, this Kingdom is never to last.”
And talking of Prophecy, in unreleased album which Matafale was working on at the time of his death Kuimba III (Singing III), he had prophesised his demise already in a track “Police Man-hunt Matafale’.
He also warned of the far reaching repercussions if Malawi is to bow down to the current government’s pressure on people to change the constitution in order to accommodate a third presidential term against the constitutionally mandated two, just for the incumbent president, the track was ‘Third Term’.
Matafale whom it is believed died fighting for his rights once told Radion101 FM that he had been standing up for his rights ever since he was at a tender age, hence never wanted to be oppressed or suppresses for his mission was to fight for people’s rights, therefore he had to protect his rights first.
People do not agree that the last time Matafale tried to do the standing up, he did it the wrong way and got crushed, posing arguments; it is the flesh that was crushed and not the Spirit.
Commenting on the radio chart show regarding the abundance of his talents and composing skills, Matafale played it modesty again, saying he never sat down and composed songs but believed God just used to give him, he said it was the reason he never denied when people called him a prophet.
“This talent is God’s work…I do not think I sit down and compose music, I just receive it, as of now I’ve got too much of it to sing…” he seemed wrongly envisioning before recollecting it prophetically “If God gives me this lot of work, yet the world system is to record an album, may be ten songs every year; that’s why we say Rasta will live forever, because we shall always sing this music which God want us to sing; even in the new kingdom we gonna be singing.”
I hope he is really singing, just like Bob Marley. The irony is that Matafale has become Malawi’s Bob Marley figure. He has instantly become a role model, his songs so worth, his influence on other musicians so immense.
To reinforce the assertion of his Bob like influence a certain Kenyan printing Company has produced Matafale on its 2002 calendar standing side by side with Reggae King himself Bob Marley, to testify that he was also Malawi’s own undisputed King of Reggae and Prophet of Jah, destroyed in flesh by Babylon’s ‘shit stem’.


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