Re-living Evison Matafale Part II

The pathologist described his death as having been caused by ‘traumatic injuries’. One of the then famous local Newspaper columnists JIKA NKOLOKOSA now at MIJ described the out-come of both inquiries as having been concluded from a bizarre logic.
The columnist wrote in one of his Malawi News column and I quote. “Both inquiries concluded that he (Matafale) died of natural causes. In short, Matafale was ill when the police arrested him and anything they did to him in custody could not be blamed for his death; he was ill and was going to die anyway.
On the strength of this bizarre logic, the police cannot be held responsible for Matafale’s death. Consequently, nobody should take the rap of his death”
The dust seem to have settled, in the hearts of the masses, a belief still lingers, rumour is still milling that the government killed Matafale, but clouded and in the process hidden the truth, which one day will be unveiled.
Matafale wrote the president a letter which he also intended to distribute across the country using what he called ‘the powers of JAH ushered to his prophets’ (as like Peter Tosh, he believed himself to be a prophet placed in the same calibre of Jeremiah, Daniel and others) in the in the letter he warned the government of the final fall of Babylon.
In that letter, which the government thought had completely retrieved from public possession, Matafale accused the president, his ministers and officials as Babylon in the process tools drinking on human blood and serving the devil.
In that letter the Malawian Rasta singer also castigated the Roman Catholic Church, the Islamic faith, the present Israel state, America and Britain, using biblical verses and prophecies which warned these institutions pending destruction.
To prove that he had more than a musical and spiritual prodigy Matafale, released a track just five day after the 11th September American ferocious disaster in which he described it as fulfilment of the prophecy. He called this track ‘TIME MARK’.
On the track, he said by the way of the track JAH sent one of his final warnings to remind man king of the end of times and that Jah is about to conquer.
Telling 101 power FM few days before his death Matafale said the track was not for America alone but for the whole world, because it was everybody’s concern by just the name of world Trade Centre not America Trade centre.
He told a radio DK Patrick Kamkwatira; ‘your economy, my economy, our, secrets were there, but the fire just came ad brought it down’.
Matafale again condemned the terrorists who popped champagne corks in celebration of the New York contretemps, that there was no victor for them.


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