Why is Zambian Music taking over?

There has been a chorus of disapproval from those that are sleeplessly trying to promote Malawian music they say try as they might putting Malawi music on the world scale looks unattainable.
By look of things, Zambian Music is taking over the musical plot in the country in all aspects and this has scattered their confidence a further.
Tune in to our radios, patronise any entertainment joints across the length and breadth of the country and you are going to appreciate the dominance of Zambian music.
Many questions are posed to no one in particular why the situation is as it is. One Anne Matumbi once opined that Malawi music is hurried and once it comes face to face with Zambian music it pales into submission.
I do not know how Matumbi deduced that Zambian musicians invest heavily in their music and this translates into something else when it reaches the market.
A colleague of mine who is equally concerned that Malawian musicians are failing to upstage coup de grâce they have lately suffered in the hands of Zambian musicians pointed to a number of raison d’être.
In the first place, these days, ‘clubs’ or should I continue calling them ‘entertainment joints’ are the places where promotion of music is done.
And it looks like the Zambian musician is all intent to produce music that will find a place in all entertainment joints and blare across its dance floor.
We have ever discussed here, that music is the food of the soul, but I should also state here that you cannot rule out the fact that music can sometimes sooth the body more than it does the soul.
It can just whip across the ears and the body instantly starts responding where a muscle or two are flexed in appreciation of the danceable urges the Zambian music will emit.
Should Malawian musicians abandon ship and join the Zambian bandwagon going after the adage,’ if you cannot beat them, just join them’. I do not think this is feasible, but I leave it in the hands of the musical authority in the country. Why are we being beaten pulp right on our turf?
Does it mean the Zambian music is far too superior to our own? You know I know how our Zambian brothers are pompous with any little leverage they pull on us in any aspect. Remember when it comes to football they think we are their easiest conquests and they call us in their cheeky Chinyanja ‘Wakazi Wathu’.

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