President Bingu wa Mutharika should have resigned from Presidency and called for fresh elections the moment he decided to dump the United Democratic Front UDF, the party on his ticket he rode to power.
This came to the fore in Mzuzu recently when the Human Rights Consultative Committee HRCC launched its 2008 Independent Political Situation Report for the country.
Scores of people that came to witness the launch agreed with the report that Malawians do not act in time to solve political problems facing the country until things have reached a crisis stage.
HRCC Board Chairperson Undule Mwakasungura while presiding over the launch observed that the country has been dominated by politics ever since the multiparty dispensation.
He however said the report titled ‘The fight of the Elephants and the Suffering of the Grass’ will help the country to reflect in view of the forthcoming general elections.
The report established that Malawi’s political problems have emanated from its unwillingness to create a healing and reconciliation process and this is the reason that has even made the three arms of government to competing against each other instead of complementing each other.
Although the report looks at the political situation from 2004 when the incumbent State President Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika came to power, the report still traces the country’s political problems back to other two regimes.
Although everyone that came to witness the launch of the report talked highly about it, Mr. Mwakasungura said it was inconclusive and still in its draft form and therefore asked people to critique it so that it can be fine tuned.
Political analysts from the University of Mzuzu Noel Mbowera said HRCC has broken the tradition where international bodies come into the country and to tell the country about her situation when local institution can do it for the country as ably demonstrated by HRCC.
Veteran Politician Robson Chirwa who said the report was supposed to be celebrated said the political problems torturing Malawi has come about because leaders do not want to consult old statesman like him because they are bigheaded.
People that are aspiring to contest for the Mzuzu City Constituency took turns to outshine each other during the launch with one of them Ralph Kasambara describing the report as only attempting to deal with the symptoms instead of the disease.
He said President Mutharika constructively resigned from his position when he dumped the UDF the party that ushered him unto power.
Political Problems that have rocked Malawi are as a result of individuals trying to advance their political interests at the expense of the country.


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