State President Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika could experience another nightmare if he wins in the next year’s Presidential elections due to lack of majority parliamentarians in the national Assembly.

Democratic Progressive Party DPP, aspirants for the Chitipa Central and some losing contestants from other constituencies in the district have made the warning in a letter addressed to the president.

The letter says this is the case because his party’s National Governing Council has messed up the party’s primary elections.

Confusion still dogs the Democratic Progressive Party DPP primary elections with losing aspirants and those about to contest joining the choir of dissent.

Results of Rumphi North Constituency won by Northern Region Education Manager Mr. Tasokwa Msiska and three constituencies in Chitipa have come under dispute.

While the people of Rumphi have decided to write the party’s secretary General through a petition that was handed to the deputy regional governor on Monday, people of Chitipa decided to write the party president Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika.

The letter signed by Dr. Ted Munthali who contested and lost the primaries of Chitipa North, Mr. Kezzie Msukwa who lost the Chitipa East Primaries, Mr. Fukumele Mukumbwa, Mr. Henry Bulambo, Mrs. Cecilia Musopole Mr. Anorld Banda and Mrs. Faustace Namushani Chirwa all lined up to contest for the Chitipa Central Constituency says the confusion in the elections has been caused by DPP’s National Governing Council members who wish to retain sitting MPs.

They also claim that the NGC has shown lack of desire to solve the persinets existsence of parallel district and constituency committees and pleaded with Dr. Mutharika not to allow the fracas that has besieged the party to continue unchallenged.

They went ahead warning that the state of affairs in DPP is tatamount to destroying the party and threaten its future especially in the forth coming presidential and parliamentary elections before posing a question; ‘Is this what your Excellency desire?’

They claim that the destruction of the party will affect a number of Dr. Mutharika’s number of MPs after the parliamentary elections and would make his governance another nightmare.

Over 30 people from Rumphi North including 8 losing contestants that has also the signature of the incumbent parliamentarian Mr. Joshua Mzembe have signed the petition that also discredits the way the elections are held and call for nullification.

One of the contestants Mrs. Mazoe Gondwe says DPP method of its primaries where they are blind folded is barbaric and the whole system needs overhauling because it is exposed to cheating, suppression, political machinations.


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